Mardi 22 mars 2011

Save Money on Your Makeup

If you do not have control when buying your makeup cosmetics, it can really take a big chunk of money out of your pocket. For women, makeup is something they can never think of giving up. So the question remains, how can you manage this MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0cosmetics eyeshadow trade off? If you read these makeup tips in this article, you will get the answer to your question. Now you can finally forget this dilemma and go along looking beautiful in life.

By following these easy makeup tips, you can save a lot of money on your makeup expenses. Do not use all the cosmetics in equal proportion. Some are used more and some are less. You should buy the cosmetics like eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0too faced eyeshadow etc from some grocery store because these are quite less expensive there. On the other hand products like powder, cream, foundation etc can be purchased from department stores. It is not compulsory that you buy all the high end products from the same place. If you purchase your cosmetics from some departmental sore, better go for some online stores as they have great offers and discount schemes throughout the year. You can also stock up some cosmetics if you get a good discount up to 25%. You can use half the amount MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0eyeshadow for hazel eyes of your liquid foundation and concealer with 2-3 drops of face lotion to produce same kind of effect. Think, how much you can save if you use this tip. All you have to do is to take half amount of liquid foundation and concealer of what you use normally. Drop it on your makeup sponge and then add just 2-3 drops of your face lotion. Softly swirl it before applying and that is it. It will produce the same effect as before.

You can also avoid makeup if you are not going out of your place. Just think that what will be the use of your makeup if you are staying at your home, cooking, cleaning or relaxing. It will not only save your money, but your skin can also get a much needed break from makeup. Anyways if you can not live without makeup, you can use a simple lip gloss and mascara.  By using these simple makeup tips, you can really save a big amount per month on your makeup and use it for something else. Just make sure you are following these makeup tips with determination.

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Mercredi 02 mars 2011

It’s Time to Launch Through Make Up Artist Courses

If you are thinking of ways to fulfill your dream of being part of the beauty industry, your wisest step is to enroll in make up artist courses. These courses are good for you because while it will also teach you the rudiments of makeup, it will also allow you to experiment with your own tastes in order to come up with combinations that defy the conventions – yet stand out. Once you begin your search for a makeup artist school, keep in mind that you will need to set aside some money to buy the things you need for your kits.

Remember that while you are going to be attending make up artist classes, you will still use the materials as tools of the trade when you graduate and finally embark on your make up artist career. As such, it will always be wise to invest in the best materials for your palettes, brushes, sponges and other things. Keep in mind that these are worthy investments and will stand the test of time.
Invest in Good Tools and Make Up Artist Courses

Imagine being able to use your sable brush for years to come, instead of one day having all the hairs fall off one by one! So always invest in your supplies as later it will also become your primary money makers. Once your makeup artist kits are assembled, you’re the next thing you need to consider would be the classes itself, as well as the teacher.

Becoming a makeup artist is not something that happens overnight – it will take weeks, months and even years of practice. So always make sure you have enough time to continuously try out on your own the things you learned in makeup artist school. See your own face as your personal canvas and try to apply the makeup techniques you learned in class.
Network As Much as You Can

If you currently have a regular job, try to see if some of your colleagues would like to have their makeup done for free. Do not charge yet since you are still a make up artist student – once you launch your career, however, you can then begin setting your make up artist rates.

Some additional tips during your stay in make up artist school would be to get to know everyone in the institution – from administrative staff, to faculty to your fellow students. Admittedly, there is some competitive air as you and your fellow classmates swipe on glitter gel shadows and contour face cards with bronzer blushes, but being friendly will always work to your advantage. After all, you never know if one day you will end up working alongside a former classmate.
Reference is the Key!

In the same way, make sure you submit your work on time and ask good teachers to be references once you graduate. If you want to get a really good makeup artist job in the future, recommendations are definitely in order. Becoming a makeup artist, is surely a long and hard road but one that is worth trekking and sacrificing time and money for.
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Jeudi 24 février 2011

Different faces and different blush skills

Core Tip: If you say that eye makeup is the focus of facial makeup, lipstick is an indispensable element of cosmetic bag, then, is a modified face blush and beautify the complexion of the best tools.

Color blush

Plagioclase with fan MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0mac blush for sale and drawing a double. First fan-shaped dark cheeks blush brush, and then overlap in the fan light above the plagioclase blush, you can achieve the modification of the role of a large round face.

Round Blush

This is the most common and easiest blush painting. As long as the mirror smile, laugh muscles in the cheeks raised position to draw a circle the way you can brush on the MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0mac blush. This blush-looking but relatively sweet, cute, ladies to appropriate this.

Fan blush

The blush of the larger, not only modification of the face, but also can express a good color. Blush position temple, laughing muscles, ears below the fan consisting of three, pay attention to the direction when the MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0cosmetic brush blush, from the buccal side of the central color to the cheeks in order to make the deepest blush cheek color falls on the side position, to achieve the purpose of modified face.

Buccal Blush

If you think your face is too round, try painting the buccal blush, allowing face look more slender. MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0cheap mac make up blush buccal technique is to choose the darker blush, such as brick red, dark brown, brush the periphery of the cheeks, that is, the position of the ears to the cheek bone, the scope can be extended to the inward slightly below the cheekbone, make face look more three-dimensional.

Sunburn MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0makeup blushes mac

Want to rush for the holiday trend, try these two sunny painting a sense of blush. Selection with glossy golden brown blush sense, a light hit in the nose on both sides of the location. Can also be pushed from the nose to the cheeks, the peak color, you can create a holiday just received the baptism of the sun makeup feeling.
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Mardi 22 février 2011

Different lips makeup tips

With the lips on the make-up, first observe the lips and skin color, then choose colors for your

lipstick color. In the choice of lipstick on the mouth should be according to their type and

choose the right lip color lipstick own. In general, the more beautiful shine lip gloss, choose bright colors

will make your lips more attractive. Conversely, if not perfect lips to avoid dazzling selection of

more enchanting color.

Note: The measure of the quality of MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0lipstick from two perspectives: first, good moisturizing

effect, after wiping is not dry, not break. Then fixing time lasting, color to be light. Also the color

of MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0mac lipstick should normally be slightly darker than the lipstick color more, select the lip liner

should pay attention. Knowing this, you can look at the mirror according to carefully study your

lips, take a look at what you do is the following kind of lip?

       A, the ideal type: contour lines of clear, slightly thick lower lip, size moderate, middle of the

line more obvious lip, mouth slightly upturned, the mouth is very three-dimensional.

B, thick lips: the upper and lower lips are more plump, Chun Feng high.

C, thin lips: lips thin, especially the Ministry of red MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0red lipsticks.

D, Alice lips: mouth slightly upturned, and seems to have been smiling.

E, under the hanging lips: mouth of the arc down, give a sense of frustration.

F, towering lips: lips thin and sharp, Chun Feng high, not rounded outline.

       G, flat upper lip: a thin upper lip, thick lower lip, gum and tidy enough.

Characteristics according to their lips, lip shape the favorite.

1, fuller lips: in the upper lip and lower lip to the inside of the drawn into the center of a

millimeter or so, draw straight lines and corners of the mouth. Contour drawing too small will

not seem natural, while paying attention to foundation Yan Qu lips contour.

2, small lips: lips thickness remained unchanged. The mouth too wide and narrow lines can be

drawn 1-2 mm outside the mouth, and connected with the Central. Draw straight lines better. If

it was circular, the mouth will seem exaggerated, fails to nature.

3, large lips: lips thickness remained unchanged. To make the mouth width was small hill to the

mouth, lips, lower lip to the mouth of the central lines, contour lines can be painted on the

inside. Two lip contour should be obscure foundation.

4, thin lips: upper lip and lower lip in the center of a millimeter or so to delineate the outer

corners of the mouth drawn straight. To make lips look full, can be painted in the central stress

the importance of lipstick.
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